A Boost for David Baker, a Fellow Writer

We interrupt this blog to give a little boost to a fellow writer, David Baker, my friend, mentor, coach, and critic.

This morning I was excited to learn that his manuscript, Three Against a Rising Storm,  is now one of 50 semi-finalists in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

This is a very competitive contest with probably tens of thousands of submissions.

If you like the suspense/thriller genre, the first three brief chapters can be downloaded for free.  Go to Amazon.com/ and search in books for Three Against a Rising Storm.

If you like what you read, post a review.  I did. 

15 Responses to A Boost for David Baker, a Fellow Writer

  1. David LaRoche says:

    Gong commercial, eh?

    • allevenson says:

      Did you mean gong? or going?

      I read and struggled with much of this book in my crit group.

      David encouraged me since the days I was a hopeless young writer.

      On the books own merits, it got to a lofty place, he is entitled to a kudo from me.


      • Colleen Rae says:

        Maybe you’re not aware, David, that Al puts a good word in for his fellow writers when he can. I don’t call that commericial.He encouraged me when I had a book published and it was reviewed in several places. Thanks Al, for supporting your friends.

      • allevenson says:


        David LaR is another good friend. Sometimes he pulls my chain, sometimes he pulls my leash. I can’t always tell the difference. But it doesn’t matter because whatever prompts his remarks, they are worth my paying attention to listen and think about what prompted him.


      • David LaRoche says:

        “Gong” is the sound in my head that used to be sort of a ring. You don’t want to take what I attempt here too seriously and besides, the blog is yours to do with as you please. The book sounds quite interesting but I’d need several more lives to read on that basis, all I encounter .

        I suppose some if it is our (scratch that) my expectation as I look for your reflections – brilliant as you shine your well focused light. Some bloggers I read, who feel obligated to share their opinions on other writers work, do it with sidebar. Somehow that seems okay to me – like the ad you might have expected and easily accept. Of course, all of this is bullshit. If we play chess and you win, there’s no confusion. If you say, “I can beat you at chess,” it means damn little. So there you go – this means about the same.

        BTW, was that hopelessly a writer or hopelessly young?


  2. Alon Shalev says:

    Congratulations to David. This is great news. Good Luck.

  3. Ellie Totten says:

    Ditto, Colleen! I had to chuckle when I read gong because I tend to type too fast and miss a letter or two as well. I appreciate all the support I get from my writing groups.

  4. Bev Johnson says:

    Hi Al… and all your followers 🙂
    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying your travels again and using your time to soak up the details of places you visit. David Baker must be a wonderful friend as well as a great writer. I hope that he wins this competition and may you be able to enjoy seeing him again for a celebration. Colleen and I probably feel the same way about you and your mentoring of us. If I ever get to that rarified air of “publication”, I definitely would want you present for the celebration!!
    Happy Trails to You! Bev

  5. David LaRoche says:

    There’s Colleen, boy … I think I’m in trouble.

  6. tanya grove says:

    All of us at CWC are proud of David Baker already. This makes us even prouder.

  7. Here’s urging you on to the prize, David.

  8. Colleen Rae says:

    Just went online and read the first page of David LaRoche’s novel, Three Against a Rising Storm. I found it very intriguing. David knows to hook the reader on the first page. Good luck to him!

  9. Colleen Rae says:

    Sorry I meant David Baker…

  10. janiebrew says:

    This does not appear on amazon.

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