FL, Carrabelle Police Department

. . .  will bail you out of jail.  Your best friend will already be sitting next to you, slappin’ his knee and saying, “Damn, that was fun.”

And with any luck this will take place in Carrabelle, Florida.

11 Responses to FL, Carrabelle Police Department

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  2. Pat Bean says:

    I love it Al. Have fun

  3. David LaRoche says:

    Cops in Florida, who’d a thought.

  4. Colleen Rae says:

    Where the heck is Carrabelle, FLorida? Pretty name for a town. Not big enough for a regular jail…

  5. Vikki Williams says:

    I love the anecdote about classification of friends:
    A friend will help you move.
    A real friend will help you move bodies.

  6. Vikki Williams says:

    Currently, I know three people who would help me move bodies, but no more..Don’t know why not??? Vikki

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