2.0 Bits and Pieces

Thanks to Pat Bean for this quote from W. Somerset Maughm.  ““There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

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When I lived in Alameda, my neighborhood grocer of choice was Trader Joe’s.  TJ’s is in nine states.  One of the demographics they use for selecting new locations is the region’s number of subsribers to cooking and gourmet magazines.  There are no TJ’s in Florida.  Shut up and eat your grits, AL.

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Easterners and Westerners think of time zones as running from north to south.  But in many places time zone demarcations run east to west.  For example 

The Nevada-Idaho border.

Along the Salmon River in Idaho. 

For about a 100 miles of the southern border of New Mexico where it joins Texas.

The Oklahoma-Colorado border.

The 70-mile southern border of Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota.

The border between North Dakota and Saskatchewan

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I never made big money making bets with strangers in bars.  Here are my favorites.  No fair looking at a map.  And if you’ve ever lost a bar bet to me, you are disqualified.

These are five geography bets.  I like to bet double or nothing because I expect to lose the first two and lose the third half the time. 

What is the southernmost state in the United States?

What is the westernmost state in the United States?

Traveling south from Detroit, Mi., what is the first country you come to.

What is the northernmost state in the lower 48 states?

What is the easternmost state in the United States?

Write down your answers, then, go to this link.


How did you do?

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My friend and daily travel blogger, Pat Bean, is a seven-year RV full-timer; Pat’s blog is called Travels With Maggie.  This is also the working title of her book, which is nearing final draft stage.

Pat does something I’ve been meaning to plagiarize:  her photo challenge.  Weekly, she challenges herself is to come up with a superior image from nature for the day’s blog. 

What I’d like to do from time to time is invite all my passengers to share a favorite photograph from their own collection according to some theme that appeals to me at the moment.

For the first challenge, I am thinking my Christmas blog could be our Christmas card to one another. 

If you have a Christmas theme photo of greeting card quality you’d like to post to the other passengers on the bus, please send it to me at AL94502@gmail.com  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM MY REGULAR EMAIL 

With each photo you submit, supply some caption information: your name, the location and occasion of the photo, and any remarks about the subject.

At least three of my readers are published photographers.  Many others are gifted amateurs.  I am hoping to hear from you.

1 Response to 2.0 Bits and Pieces

  1. Leslie Martin says:

    Al, I am so enjoying following you during your travels.
    Happy holidays and happy trails.

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