The Heisenberg Principle of Indeterminacy states you cannot determine where something is and how fast it is moving in the same instant.  A lot of days I will be on the move and the days I am not, I may be out of range of all today’s cyber-tethers.

I may not get messages as quickly as those left in the Mail Tree on Great Exuma in the Bahamas or at the Southport Raw Bar in Fort Lauderdale, I will be messageable.

The phone number I will keep is 510-521-5400.

The primary personal email will always be AL94501@Gmail

Skype keeps messages for a while.  Allevenson is the handle.

If you want to send me something: an inscribed first edition of your debut novel, a plane ticket and invite to visit you in Istanbul, or simply baked goods from your own oven, get in touch and I will have some idea of the next place where I will be stopping for a while.  That will be care of a family member or friend.

6 Responses to Contact

  1. Sally Juarez says:

    Hey Al: I love the name you settled on,”Jolly Swag” and you, of course are the Jolly Swaggerer…one of the jolliest I have ever known. Blessings to you and your canine cuddly.

  2. Evelyn Washington says:

    Mr. Mountain Man is an intriguing character. Are you sure you haven’t just made him up? Does he really exist? Either way more, more, more.

  3. Colleen Rae says:

    I did not know you had sailed into the bay of Great Exema. I spent a month there many years ago with a sailor…a great little story I will share with you sometime.

  4. Tom Fox says:

    Al, I am loving your blog! It is so fun to read and the pictures are interesting. It is really great. Your good heart, love for life and natural creativity and inquisitiveness really show in what you write.

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