The Southeast Trek Fun Club Rally, Seffner, FL. Jan 19-22, 2012

It took me a whole year to travel the 2284 miles eastward from the 2011 Southwest Trek Rally in the hardpan desert of Quartzite, AZ to the 2012 rally of the Southeast Trek Club this week at the upscale Lazy Days RV Campground Resort in Seffner, FL

Lazy Days is a park beyond anything in my RV experience.  The campground has about 225 spaces, 80-90% occupied by new-looking 40-foot rigs.  In this herd of psychedelic pachyderms, the Treks, 24-28-footers, look like runts.  

Amenities here include an Olympic swimming pool, a rally clubhouse that seats a couple of hundred people, and a restaurant that thinks it was supposed to be a motorhome.

Free hour-long tech talks are presented, a newspaper is delivered daily, and garbage is picked several times a day.  Free breakfast and lunch are served.

A 10-passenger golf cart runs a shuttle circuit every ten minutes. 

Adjacent to the campground is a sales and service area.  I am guessing the value of the new and trade-in inventory is about thirty million dollars.

In the heart of a large building is a dining area that seats a couple of hundred people. In the same building on either side of the dining area are company offices, including over 100 comfortable-looking glass cubicles for salesmen. At any given moment there seemed to be dozens of prospective buyers in with a salesman.  Salesmen wore starched shirts, ties, had neatly trimmed hair, and Hollywood smiles. 

Quite the elegant setting for the rally.

The SE Trekkers are as friendly and outgoing as I have come to expect after my experience with the SW and NW rallies.  This year in Seffner, 37 Treks, all of a later vintage than my ’94 and one near-twin down from Massachusetts, which is the highest mileage Trek I know of at 318,000 miles

At Quartzite a year ago there were 61 Treks circled in a 200-yard oval–like wagons in the desert scrub, the only amenity was the nightly campfire.   (Late report just in–68 Treks are in Quartzite today, their vintages range from 1991-2008). Several rigs were old warhorses like mine.  Lasting friendships were born at that rally, which resulted in home visits and meet-ups at camp areas and crossroads; as well as more than a few phone calls as I sought advice about the gremlins lurking in the bowels of the Jolly Swag. 

There is also a NE club, and I’ve learned the dates of their rally.  I wonder if anyone has ever attended rallies of all four regional clubs.

I am pleased to be surrounded by Trekkers. The Jolly Swag is pleased to be back among her cousins.  A year ago we blogged of our growing appreciation for Treks, Trek people, and Trek art.

This year we have a whole new gallery.

9 Responses to The Southeast Trek Fun Club Rally, Seffner, FL. Jan 19-22, 2012

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    Hey, Al! You are having a good time. Jerry is here and enjoued reading your blog and thinks that maybe you bought a better rig than you first thought you did. Amazing- all the travels you have done without horrible problems! What a wonderful experience you are having in your travels- meeting people so many diverse people and learning so much about our people! Rock on- and watch out for Newt!!!

  2. Histscape says:

    Pachyderms – Got Angel and I on that one AL. Large thick skinned Animal. Nice choice of words for sure. Your writing is always so well done. The Photos of the RV Restaurant indoors was terrific. Enjoyed this POST the Most.

  3. Pat Bean says:

    I found the contrast between Quartzite and the Florida campgrounds interesting, and budget-minded me wanted to know the difference in cost. Nightly stays at campgrounds seem to be becoming more expensive each day. My costliest campground was $95 for a tiny, jammed in space in Key West. I only stayed there because me and my granddaughter were catching the 6 a.m. boat to the Dry Tortugas the next morning. Loved the animal art. Gypsy Lee would proprably fit in the living room of those big Trekkies. By the way, I passed by Quatrzite in October. I have a daughter who lives in Tucson. Happy Traveling.

  4. Colleen Rae says:

    Wow, a lot of ‘cat art’ on the RV’s. Must be the most popular animal. Wonder if most people think of themselves as ‘cats’ if they had to pick an animal species to be? I’ve always thought of myself as part cat.
    Your adventures have entertained and delighted all your friends; at least the ones who tune into your blog. I too agree that your writing is superb. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I’m looking forward to that book! a Year on the Road by Al Levenson.

  5. Dave L says:

    A “year on the Road” and now “The Second Year on the Road” and at some point a statute in the park. You have the makings of a legend here, at least among fellow travelers. Will your get your pages together under a cover soon and begin the establishment? Before I go I want to say yes, with a flourish – I knew that guy.

  6. David Bauer says:

    I wonder if the photos reflect anything of the personalities of the owners? For example, are the owners of the motor homes depicting cats and polar bears more aggressive than those depicting birds? Or, does the owner of the coach featuring a bald eagle in flight the type of person who offers a broader and higher perspective on life’s issues? Hm? Just a thought.

    I enjoyed all of the photos along with your narrative, Al, and I feel as though I am traveling with you. Your writing is easy to read, and the pictures are well done. The motor home diner gives me the same feeling as does the transplanted 1950’s Birmingham Grill retro-diner in Truckee — home sweet home. Happy trails to you.


  7. MaryAnne says:

    Hi Al,
    I think you should definitely do the NE Rally with photos and a report.
    I’ll be in Quartzite tomorrow checking out all the action. I will look for the Trek group…..thanx for the heads up. Gotta say, the Restaurant looks unique…..great idea. Keep on Trekking!

  8. Bert H. says:


    Our time meeting you was great and we enjoyed you being our neighbor at the SE Trek Rally in Seffner. I also enjoyed reading some of your blog. You seem to write more introspective than I do. Writing for newspapers and magazines your philosophical outlook is not appreciated at times so you stick with the informative version of a story.

    We hope to see you down the road.

    Take Care,

    • allevenson says:

      The rally was great fun, filled, as it was with nice folks like you and Carol. Yes, I write for a different audience than your travel articles. The destination article you wrote for your regional magazine was very well done. A compliment from you counts for something. Best regards

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