*Maine Coast Sunrise

Friday morning, the 13th of July, I was up at 4:30 a.m. and went down to a beach near my campground.

I settled in to stare across the fjord bisecting Mount Desert Island to wait for solar lift off scheduled for 5:01 a.m.


A hot cup of tea and a blanket for the dew-beaded bench of a picnic table were my allies against the morning chill. 




I was the only spectator on the beach, but a fisherman was earlier to the scene than I.  Little did he know I was reeling him in with my 600 mm zoom lens.


When endeavoring to capture the image of a sunrise, all you can do is try.  You can take a picture of a tiny piece of it.  If you get a panorama, any image smaller than a billboard seems like a postage stamp. But I keep trying.  What can’t be said in one picture, can be suggested by many.

Here is a closer look.


And with even more tantare. 

Notice the cloud above the sun:  lipstick kiss.  


9 Responses to *Maine Coast Sunrise

  1. Roberta Lemons says:

    Hi Al,

    I haven’t followed all of your blogs, but Maine sure caught my eye. If you’ve checked my facebook, we just returned from Geneva NY, Alexandria Bay on the St. Lawrence, Montreal, Quebec City, Bangor Maine as well as Lubec, Bar Harbor, Camden, Boothbay Harbor, and Portland…and Kittery on the way to Logan Airport.

    The photo is from the opposite end of the day, sunset from our balcony in Bar Harbor. (sorry, I can’t get it to post).

    We loved Maine, our first time there, although we’ll pass the winter, eh?

    Safe Journey, enjoy!

    • allevenson says:


      You chose a super itinerary. I’ve been over a week in Acadia and will roam New England and Nova Scotia for about two month months.

      Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Dave Bauer says:

    Great photos of a sunrise on the coast of Maine, Al. When you mention Mt. Desert Island I am reminded of Ken Burns’ series on the Civil War, which seemed to immortalize in my mind the island through his reference to the Union Army vets who served in the war and who are buried on there. Of course, we all know of the town of Bar Harbor where the old money rich have vacationed for generations. I can see that you are enjoying the natural and historic beauty of the island while you escape the heat farther south.

  3. April Edsberg says:

    Love the series of photos.

  4. MaryAnne says:

    WOW! Mother nature at her best and U got it all on camera….amazing and Thank You! Thank God for “morning people”.

  5. bobmarcus says:

    wow…..is all i can say about those sunrise pics…taking the motorhome up to the thousand island area…..sept 4th…staying on assiociation island campground…cant wait…

  6. Great shots. Although I thought you said you were going to climb a mountain fotr the shots. Al as you know Angel and I travelled PEI and NS, NB with the MH and stayed a lot of places and with very memorable people. I’d like to offer some ideas and photos. These are not tourist ideas but incredible and wonderful spots we stumbled upon. I think you have my Email still. Again I thank you so much. I am going to the Board Meeting to see the Producer Million Speak about Jack London and bringing a signed book for him by your Friend Dirk Wales. Cheers.

  7. How was the rest of that day, Al. As a sometime sailor, my first thought when I saw the photos was: “Oh, oh! Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.” (I’ve read that it has something to do with the refraction of early morning sun light through especially humid air, or something to that effect, i.e., it’s an old saying that often does come true.

  8. Lyne says:

    Thank you for theses great pictures of sunset. We were very happy to meet you there. Hope everything is great for you!
    Lyne and Bernard

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