Granddaddy Saguaro

Six of us bundled against the icy drizzle for an interpretive hike on Saturday.  For ninety minutes we examined the rows of rocks outlining several clusters of rooms that would have been a city for hundreds of Salado Indians.   Although the ranger gave a nice talk and passed out some illustrations, there was little to see.

But we got a visual treat anyway. There is battalion of saguaros spaced over the whole area.  Some are four stories tall and flex a dozen or more arms.  I remember visiting Saguro National Park some years ago and the ranger there told us of a 47-arm giant.

But Saturday I got to stand before a real granddaddy.   I didn’t even try to count them–I took the ranger’s word that she’d counted over 50.  I have posted several views here in case you want to try.

Plus, I got to see a rare dead saguaro that was still standing.  Stripped of its spines and green skin, its tubular skeleton stood as an eternal sentinel at its guard post.

9 Responses to Granddaddy Saguaro

  1. Linda Brown says:

    Beautiful pictures Al

  2. karen wittgraf says:

    I may never see this and I thank you for sending the pix. I believe these plants are stronger than we are and possibly smarter- who knows? I envy your views, your warmth, your vision..and remind you that my view is a grain elevator in a small town in Gibbon, Minnesota. If this sounds like spring fever, it is correct. Am I restless, “Oh Yeah”!!!!

  3. Believe or not our cat ran right up one of these. No problem not a spot of damage to a cats paws.

  4. Karl Baeck says:

    That’s great Al. Love the pictures and stories.

  5. Jerry Avis Nova Scotia says:

    The pictures and updates I really enjoy. Thanks. Sometime you might want to visit the SKP Park called North Ranch which has a Saguaro called Methusala and is reputed to be 605 years old. A great site believe me.

  6. karen says:

    The picture with the hawk (I think it is a hawk) is amazing.

  7. Catherine Scuderi says:

    You’re definitely making me think of doing a road trip in the near future. There’s too much I haven’t seen in this country. Great pictures!

  8. Colleen Rae says:

    Oh the glory of an granddaddy Saguaro. Beautiful photos. I also feel restlesss – have spring fever. We are going to Hilton Head in S.C. the end of the month for our winter vacation. I look forward to lots of sun, sea writing, reading. I have a cute-little, new laptop – an ASUS. About 10 inches wide. Eager to do some writing on it.
    Happy desert trails.

  9. Dave L says:

    Some bright blue there in the desert sky. Hurts my eyes.

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