Sunrise, Amboy Crater

The morning sun peeks.


Then piques.


Then peaks.

14 Responses to Sunrise, Amboy Crater

  1. Colleen Rae says:

    Gorgeous, Al. Thanks.

  2. Catherine Scuderi says:

    Thanks, for a wonderful start for my day!

  3. Histscape says:

    Angel and I recalled our Arizona mornings with these shots. We were in Quartzsite a month in February 2002. Love those Eye Candy shots.

  4. tanya grove says:

    Beautiful! Definitely a take-a-deep-breath moment.

  5. David Bauer says:

    It is wonderful to see El Sol once again, Al. Those of us in Northern California are now reassured that the sun continues to rise and set. Roy definitely made a good choice as a place to spend his winter.

  6. Carol says:

    Sooooo beautiful! Seems like forever since, it’s shown it’s fiery magnificence in this area. Looks as though this will be another gloomy, cold, windy day in “sunny” California.

  7. Vikki williams says:

    Fabulous images of the ???It has been so long that we have witnesses this amazing orb, that I almost forgot what it looks like…
    The Sierras are seeing the biggest snowfall since 1970 and my house there is buried in 16 feet of snow!
    So follow the sunshine, my friend, and give it a kiss for me! Vikki

  8. karen wittgraf says:

    Thank you. I’m still working on my igloo and mud house. I can’t even park in my driveway and the snow is an awful blackish color. But- did glimpse some sunshine today. Excuse me, must take my vitamin D now.

  9. Great sunrise but this wasn’t the type of “eye candy” I expected.

  10. Up, up and away! I am going along with it….g’bye

  11. April Edsberg says:

    You are an excellent photographer. It must be so wonderful to live in the outdoors.
    Thank you for the sunsets.

  12. Shreya K. Mariyanka says:

    Who has the rights for these pictures?

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