Jake’s Corner, Az

Twenty-five miles north out of Roosevelt and 3 miles before reaching the highway that connects Phoenix and Payson, is the town today known as Jake’s Corner.  The town began as a stagecoach stop in 1916 on the homestead of Annie Hardt.  Annie had an honor system vegetable stand for travelers.

Today there is a general store, an RV park with about 60 residents, and Jake’s Bar which serves locals and bikers.

Like Tortilla Flat, there were movie-set store fronts except in Jake’s Corner there was nothing on the other side of the weathered, painted planks.

The town enjoyed some big-time notoriety as recently as 2008 when it lent its name to a film that used the town for its setting.

The 2008 film “Jake’s Corner” never came to a theater near me. Without mentioning whether they were describing the real town or the make-believe one, IMDB.com says this is  “a rest stop for travelers making their way through the Arizona desert, but for the people who live there, it’s a rest stop for life.”

I stopped for an hour and managed to talk with an 18-year resident who told me little about the town but spun a good yarn about how he got shed of his wife.  Tune in tomorrow.

14 Responses to Jake’s Corner, Az

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    What in the world would an 18 year old DO in Jake’s Corner? I didn’t realize places like this actually had residents. Where did he attend school? And, how? School bus?
    Being isolated can cause some big problems- one of them to be ignorance of the world around one. I guess it’s no different than kids out here except the cold weather , and a good school system right in town. No library either in the desert??

  2. Michael Joyce says:

    Hmmm, I’m visualizing you with “hog” strapped to the back of that Safari . . . for local travel only of course.

  3. Colleen Rae says:

    I’ve been to Jake’s Corner. Drank more tequila there than I normally would. Lots of old timers as I remember. Back then, I was a young, wild thing…

  4. Karen Goucher says:

    Hi Al,
    I am back in North Vancouver from Florence, Oregon. Back in the RV in late
    May attending the TREK pre-rally in Salem. Then, the rally in Albany, Oregon.
    Doug and Vera will be there. Are you attending?

    Hope Doug is healing well from his fall! We have a new addition…..’Scuffy’.
    He will be attending his first TREK event in May! Toy Poodle mother….jurys
    still out on the absent father. Might know more later today. Fun to be reading
    your entries again.

  5. Do you miss seeing movies, Al? Perhaps you still go during some stops but don’t mention them. I will see if I can order “Jake’s Corner” from Netflix.

  6. Rania says:

    Use to ride there often. Miss stopping in there for some beers while taking the long way to Payson! Great BBQ, good music and always some good conversation. Thanks for doing a write up about it. Brings back memories.

  7. Jim Chelsea says:

    Very good movie, I really enjoyed it. Hope you finally got a chance to see it.

  8. paula wilson says:

    I watched the movie and this little town intrigues me

    • allevenson says:

      Years later the filming of Wild Hogs is regarded as a major event in the history of the town. People has photos on their walls of themselves taken with Peter Fonda or John Travolta.

      The window of the storefront that was used for the exterior of the diner shots is still painted with the Maggie’s Diner sign. The store is not a diner and all the interior shots were at another location.

      Madrid has a charm all its own that has nothing to do with its 15 minutes of fame.

      I expect to stop by next time I get close.

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