Sedona Statuary–Preview

10 Responses to Sedona Statuary–Preview

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    Beautiful art in a very weird place- including hot, tired tourists.The scene is an oxymoron. Strange- very strange.

  2. Anne Fox says:

    Definitely nubile.

  3. David Bauer says:

    This nymph is tip toeing through the poppies rather than the tulips. Sculpture does capture a moment in human movement.

  4. Shelley Wagner says:

    Wow! I gotta find out her story, or write one of my own. How long has she been posing there like that?

  5. Gloria Reid says:

    I bought some crystals at that little store last year. Good memories of Sedona!

  6. Christine Thomas says:

    The female “Atlas”?

  7. April Edsberg says:

    I follow your blog and always enjoy it, even though I don’t always respond.
    I had no idea Sedona had such beautiful statuary.
    I do enjoy your photography!

    • allevenson says:


      Later this week I will publish another dozen pix of Sedona’s statuary–but that is only a fraction of what is there to see.

      Glad you are enjoying the blog. How is your book doing?


    • Geoff Hunter says:

      Geoff Hunter says I have seen photo’s like that on the whitsunday passage islands australia have sold bullfrog and bought a camper trailer

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