Sedona Statuary

Sedona will be forever  known for its red hills and mesas.

My big takeaway from this visit was the statuary.   You could come to town, see nothing else, and have one of the best days of your life.

The nubile maiden in bronze finished in the turquoise patina is a wonderful study in exuberant motion and the female body at its most graceful.

The Dancing Couple pictured below are old friends.  Early readers of the blog will remember them from when I passed through Eagle Point, Oregon in late Oct/early Nov. ’10.  (

It was nice to see them on a prominent dance floor in Sedona.  Imagine my surprise when I saw them again—on a street corner in Old Scottsdale.

And a few more pix–just because they are there.

7 Responses to Sedona Statuary

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    It is likely that I’ll never see Arizona, so thanks for the visual trip! Perhaps now I won’t think of this state in only the ultra conservative, ultra rich and greedy persona I have imagined. ‘Tis beautiful and diverse.

  2. Shelley Wagner says:

    I could live with the old wooden Indians. Too bad it’s the one that probably won’t last!

  3. Tony Bacon says:

    Great photos Al. It is just like being there. Nothing like the beauty of our country.
    Tony Bacon

  4. bob marcus says:

    glad to see ur enjoying yourself…..say hi… to all the cuzins in sedona…debbies and i are beginning to look at a trip out that way next year hopefully….keep in touch…

  5. Colleen Rae says:

    Beautiful statues, Al.

    A note to Karen W. My perception of AZ when I lived there for 5 years is that you are right about the ultra-conservative, greedy, lots of red-necks and racists, too. Not that many ultra-rich, however. Maybe around Sedona and Scottsdale. A lot of people in the state are middle class or barely getting by these days. And those middle class, poor people are mostly good, kind and intersting people. Look at Al’s experiences. I think Al attracts all the most fascinating and creative people for miles around.

  6. robbie says:

    Sedona is indeed the most magical place in the USA with Jackson Hole, Wyoming coming in 2nd.
    –I hope someday to make it my home. Just wish I had 50 more years and 500,000 more dollars to really live the way I would like!

  7. Lovely statuary. Be sending this to my wife. We stayed in Oak Creek Canyon on our honeymoon in 2003, absolutely loved it, though it’s overly touristy now. I was somewhat disappointed it didn’t make more of its Old West history AND as favorite backdrop for many a Hollywood Western. (Its so-called movie museum was a disappointment.) My favorite area of all was the hike through Call of the Canyon (where Zane Grey once hunted and kept a cabin). Vladimir and Vera Nabokov also stayed and went butterfly hunting in Oak Creek Canyon in the 1950s.

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