Florida, Sarasota. Art. Unconditional Surrender






13 Responses to Florida, Sarasota. Art. Unconditional Surrender

  1. Dave L says:

    Should be in Central Park or Chicago – some more representative town. Money screws up everything. Next thing you know, the oil Texans will be moving the vietnam memorial from DC. Maybe Silicon Valley should have the liberty lady, Kansas the grand canyon. Too bad the Saratotans aren’t sufficiently happy with their palm trees. That town was little more than a beach sunning transplants during WWII.

    • David Bauer says:

      As you may know, Lake Havasu City, AZ got the London Bridge. That never made sense to me. Then again, many of the ancient Egyptian’s aritifacts are in the British Museum in London and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Hence, if you go to Egypt searching for certain relics, you may find that they are in Europe or in the Rosecrutian Musem in San Jose, CA. Strange world. Isn’t it?


  2. Michael Joyce says:

    I remember VJ day, a very big celebration in our Berkeley neighborhood. We put playing cards on the rear bike frame with clothespins holding the cards into the spokes: and a sound that delighted us kids as we rode as part of joy of the end of the war.

    Our home stood on the top of a hill, and was surrounded by 90mm anti-aircraft guns, and GIs in tarpaper covered barracks. P38s would buzz the place to delight of us kids. Our garage would fill with contraband in the day before inspections.

    As little kids we learned to talk like GIs, the MF word not appreciated by our parents. Dads and uncles came home, and soon lots of us had dads in college thanks to the GI Bill.

    The statue shows the joy of young adults with the world now open to them, and their sense of living freely and fully.

  3. Pat Bean says:

    Great photos, and great way to show perspective. Thanks for sharing Al.

  4. robbie says:

    Sarasota is a lovely American town that deserves the statue! Not all awesome memorials need to be in big cities. We think this is one of the best little towns in the USA. Add Sedona, Arizona to that list as well. Robbie

    • allevenson says:

      I have always liked Sarasota. It is a cultural oasis is a state that is that offers less than many other places. I considered moving here about ten years ago and the reasons Sarasota attracted me then have grown.

      To this Californian escapee an my sister from Jersey, the real estate values here seem to be bargains. We are going to look at some modest condos today.


  5. If the statues were in San Francisco, they might be of two sailers kissing. Since so many men in the Navy spent years away from home and women, many that were gay or had gay tendencies paired up and at the end of the war when the Pacific fleet came home, many of those gay men stayed in San Francisco and never returned home.

    I read that somewhere.

  6. karen wittgraf says:

    This expression of joy with two human beings (for whatever reason) is absolutely beautiful. I agree that it seems very appropriate that it be in Times Square, where the wonder occured, but it’s lovely to look at anywhere. I’ve never been to Sarasota, but palm trees, beach and affordable living sounds very tempting in contrast to snow, cold, prairie and heating bills of Minnesota.
    Could this be your place to settle?

  7. Colleen Rae says:

    Sarasota is a lovely town. Someone recently sent me this photo. Second time I’ve seen it online. If you buy a condo in Sarasota, Al, you may have a few friends (me included) visiting. Of course, I would wait for an invitation.

  8. mal patterson says:

    I was going to respond to Dave L’s comments, However what I had to say had already been said…Thereis always one in every crowd…..

    Al I’m thinking of driving out to Fl. how long will you be there.?

    • allevenson says:

      I will be here for three months or so. Probably bouncing between the Tampa Bay area and Ocala National Forest with a likely foray down to Palm Beach and one to the Keys. Of course, who knows where any road may lead.


  9. Mona says:

    There is another copy of this statue—-same large size— in San Diego, very near the USS Midway. Also nearby is the Bob Hope Memorial which had both my sister and me wet-eyed.
    Don’t miss in when in SD.

  10. David Bauer says:

    I was in Sarasota, FL one time and was very favorably impressed with the place. My memory of the infamous kiss on Broadway VJ Day was from the well known Life Magazine photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that I had seen as a boy and many other times down through the years. It seemed to perfectly fit the notion of complete surrender of Japan and the joy of the end of WW 2.

    In any case, the photo has become an icon, and as such it can appear in any place and at any time as a symbol of joy and peace. Legally, however, I am not sure what permissions to reproduce it may be necessary from Life and/or the Alfred Eisenstaedt Estate. Certainly the statue capture the joyful and peaceful atmosphere of Sarasota. In my opinion Sarasota is a wonderful place to land and to build a winter nest.


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