6.1 Ship’s Log July 12, 2011

Timeout from essays in the Work-in-Progress file.  This year is about projects of the heart and whim.  And about noticing the shifts in the wind and the new aromas riding on it

On Sunday afternoon I put Santa Fe in the rearview after my two-day stopover stretched to nine.  It was north by northeast to Taos to catch Gail Caldwell’s keynote speech at the 13th Taos Summer Writers’ Conference.

The Jolly Swag loped along the highway at her three miles to the dollar pace so that I could watch the mesas rise and fall, the plains stretch out like a waking feline.

At the end of a long low-gear rise, during which the temp needle had halved the distance to the overheat mark, the view opened like a musical.  The JS sighed her gratitude.

At the crest was an aging stand offering exotic jerky,

and a historical marker,

 a concrete picnic table the surface painted in green letters, “Progress results only from the fact there are men and women who refuse to believe what they know to be right cannot be done”

and a view worth a million dollars and a few blogworthy pix.

And Terry McCaulley and his 30- pound alabaster eagle he spent five months sculpting.

Terry is a fine sculptor, as evidenced by the photo album of his work. 

If you have $21,000 in your fine-art budget and, especially if the eagle is your personal totem—as it is one of mine—and a place of honor for Terry’s lovely piece, call him at 575-758-3593.  Tell him AL sent you.

7 Responses to 6.1 Ship’s Log July 12, 2011

  1. Claudia says:

    There is an annual house & garden tour in/around Taos in July or August. Not sure when, but worth it for the off-the-street views of wonderful old & new adobes. Be sure to hit the Millicent Rogers Museum – in a wonderful old, now expanded & remodeled adobe outside Taos. We also liked the small & a littly funky Kit Carson Museum right in town; our tour was done by his great-great-niece. Last, but definitely NOT least, please do not miss EarthShip – west of town, past the big bridge. Take the tour; it is very interesting.
    Claudia & Gary

  2. karen wittgraf says:

    “The plains stretch out like a waking feline”- OMG Al, that is beautiful. I’ll not forget that line and I’m more and more amazed at your ability to write. Get that book going.

  3. Debby Frisch says:

    Thanks, especially for the historical marker–what a shocking piece of history!

  4. Alan stowell says:

    Leave Vieques to st’board, Culebra to port; sheet in the main’sl and jib real tight and head close hauled towards sailrock!
    More fun no?

  5. Colleen Rae says:

    Gorgeous scenery and a wonderful sculpture, the Eagle. Sorry my art budget doesn’t include a price like that. If he could place it in a Sedona Gallery it would probably sell quickly.
    The History plaque on the captured women was very intriguing. I could write a book around that incident and a few of the women and children. Great idea! And it probably wasn’t all bad, being a captive of a Commanche tribe. I’ve read that once some time and good behavior came down, they were adopted into the tribes and married to the braves. A different kind of life, granted, but certainly fascinating!

  6. susanne says:

    I was at that same pinion nuts stall a few years ago on my way to Taos. Nice to know they are still distributing hugs as well. Susanne

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