4.0 Ship’s Log March 21, 2101

At 5 pm I returned to Quartzsite to the exact spot of the Trek rally two months ago.

I drove directly to the spot where I last saw Roy, The Mountain Man.  The bushes and branches he’d arranged remained to mark the confines of his room under the stars.  Nothing more.

Quartzsite still hosts hundreds of tents marketing the merchandise of fleas.  It seems like there are still a couple thousands RVs within a couple of miles.  There are nine within the five-acre compound where over a hundred were gathered in January.

I am here for a few days, temporarily the keeper of the flame at Trek Central.  Any Trekkers passing by are welcome to stop for a cup of tea.  I am glad to be near a town where there are travelers supplies.  Glad to be out of the Bay Area teases of a nice-weather-day between the streaks of rain and cold.

I am glad for the chance to sit and sift notes and photos of Route 66 and the hitchhiker I picked up in Needles and dropped off in Parker.

And to get regular with the Year on the Road Blog, map out a plan for the next six weeks.

Can you believe the Jolly Swag and I have logged 7410 miles in the eight months since I acquired her?  And over 6000 miles since Day One of this voyage on Oct. 8, 2010.

Tomorrow, Doris Davis, Walking Across America.

7 Responses to 4.0 Ship’s Log March 21, 2101

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    I’m looking forward to the walk across America story..I’m sure there must be a mission there if she is going to DC. How is the gas price affecting your travels? It is costing me 30 clams to fill up my car now, so can’t imagine what it’s costing you! Isn’t life weird? Jerry now has a roommate from Turkey (temporary) and that is a story of it’s own. Hope you run into Roy somewhere out there, or will you always wonder???

  2. Dave L says:

    I think you ought call this blog of yours the Swag Log or the Jolly Jounal. Are you doing your coach a disservice as it knows what it is and likely takes pride – and it ain’t never been a “ship.”

    Best thing one might do on such an adventure is don the apporpriate trappings – and you do well. I envy and applaud your cutting that freakin’ tight urban teather and jumping right into the travelin’ man’s boots. Hi-de-ho.

  3. Berlena says:

    Hey Al,
    I am enjoying your journey more and more. Thanks for sharing…I look forward to the next experience you post…Berlena

  4. Colleen Rae says:

    Tell us about the hitchhiker you picked up in Needles. Mohave Valley, the location of my first novel is 6 miles across river in AZ from Needles. Glad you stumbled on Roy. Can’t wait to hear the next installment.

    • allevenson says:

      I have notes for several stories that I have collected while I kept the pace up to get to better temps than I had between the Bay Area and Barstow. The hitchhiker is one, Doris may be worth several, Boron and the Borax mine are another, Rte 66 is a story, also.


  5. David Pierce says:

    A friend of mine, Wally Hampton, has traveled and photographed the Mother Road and put it all to music. Sometime or during our next Trek get together I will show this DVD to you.

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