1.2 What’s in a Name of a Motorhome?

Like many people I have a history of naming my pets, boats, and the only motor home I ever owned.  And here I am.  Once more into the baby-naming abyss.  It is crazymaking Join me. Here’s how far I am.

Elsewhere Again. Elsewhere was the name of my only other motor home. A 26’ GMC ’76 purchased in 1983, a faithful travlin’ wagon that was home to a ramblin’ roam of the country for six months.  If you say it fast, it comes out AL’s Where Again?  The name, Elsewhere, was inspired by a night-time soap opera I liked in the early 80s, St. Elsewhere.  Elsewhere, the motorhome, recalls a whole anthology of anecdotes that stand alone.  But this trip is different and not a reprise of an event from history.  And so I am not inclined to piggyback on an ancient name.

Different Drummer is the name of a sea-going RV I had in Puerto Rico ten years early.  A 36’ Pearson sailing yacht I had in 1973.  She captured a closetful of silver trophies, carried us around the Caribbean for dozens of weeks in 1973-75, and bore us to Florida in mid-1975 as we transitioned to our next life.  It is from one of Thoreau’s most oft repeated lines.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”  No one ever gave me permission to be the odd person I am any better than Thoreau.  Also, I quite liked the alternate definition of a drummer as a traveling salesman

Foolish.  In the 60s sometime I bought a lovely little 29’ sailboat.  The original owner had imported this red-hulled beauty from Holland.  Two weeks after it was launched he sailed onto the pointy end of a sharp rock spike near the west end of St. Thomas.  The boat sank like a broken heart.  The insurance company gave him a check for 90% of the value and he kept the punctured hull, rig, sails, and cabinetry that didn’t float away.  The boat was lifted out of the water and barge transported to Puerto Rico and set on the hard in a boat yard.  A year later the engine was a ball of rust the wiring was trash, and there was a film of oily salt on everything.  You’d have to be meshugana to take on a project like that.  So I named it Foolish.  I am quite sure many of my friends–-maybe the majority–who think this motor home adventure is crazy.  This is one time that I am with the majority.

I only have a couple of new ideas.

Swag.  “AL’s got sway.” Someone recently said of me.  I am hoping it is street jargon for a certain attitude.  I like double entendres and swag is also pirate’s booty as well as an acronym for Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

Dude – or maybe Dood.

Magic Carpet.

Blunderbus. I must have been inhaling some second hand wacky tobaccy when this one came to me.  Good for a laugh but not a keeper.

And early entries from friends:

Empress.  Empress Elsewhere.  A nice suggestion from Barbara Ruffner

Way Cool.  A great name suggested by Linda Brown.

Post your idea below.

My count down puts me on the road about September 21.  It would be a comfort to have a name that stuck by then.

17 Responses to 1.2 What’s in a Name of a Motorhome?

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  2. Karl Baeck says:

    Years ago when I was a young man, me and my family toured the country
    in our travel trailer.. It’s name was Shasta, but there was another trailer we would see
    once in while motoring down the highway. It’s name was Nomad.

    One fellow who owned one wrote this on the back of his trailer. “ We No Mad, We Happy”.


  3. Dave L says:

    “Nonsense and Nourishment”

  4. Helen Herzberg says:

    “The Friendship” is my entry for a name.

    And oh yes, you’re doing all the outside places, but one of the most striking is the interior of the Plum Street Temple in Cincinnati, Ohio. Or is it called the Simon Wise Temple ? Not sure which, but go to Cincinnati, find Reform Jews, and be sure to visit it. It is more or less in downtown; not out in the suburbs where most of the Jewish community is found these days. The decorations are sort of medieval/Renaissance, and beautiful. Stunning. Reminded me of the Ste. Chapelle in Paris. This one should be on your list.

    Hope all is well. I just got back from 10 days in Alaska. Wow. Good time. And I made a lot of new friends.


  5. cavenoid says:

    Well, I learned recently that “Swag” in the commercial world stands for “Stuff We All Get,” i.e. the free crap companies give away… so the freedom aspect is there but the meaning is a little fuzzy…

    I love the idea of naming a land yacht, though! If it were me I’d go grand (Empress is on the right track) … the HMS something or Battleship something… Here are some more ideas…
    The Mobile Mansion
    Elsewhere Estates
    H.M.S. Downsize
    U.S.S. Onward

    I also like the poetic names that evoke the adventure… how about Yonder?

  6. Sally Juarez says:

    I liked your “elsewhere again” entry. In my grammar school glee club we used to sing ‘Happy Wanderer” (I think that is what it was). That certainly is a good description of the driver anyway. So throw that in the hopper.

  7. David Bauer says:

    I thought of the following four possibilities:

    Good luck. You have many to choose from.

  8. Jeff Kingman says:

    I’m drawing a blank at the moment. But you have lots of suggestions, so I’m sure you’ll figure out a name that strikes your fancy. I just wanted to wish you a bon voyage. I’ve checked the “notify me” box–I look forward to being kept up to date on your adventures.

  9. William says:

    A name for your RV? You could call it Swagman or, as we have talk about in previous times, Silver Dolphin. Swag is the Australian word for a bedroll and swagman is a tramp. You could also quote one of the more known Australine songs and call it Jolly Swagman.
    I used to have a Nordic Folk Boat named Kia Ora. I kinda like that name my self, Maori for “Hi” or “Welcome”
    Name of John Steinbechs RV (in Ctravels with Charlie) was Rosinante – not that I in any way would suggest any similarities with a certain Don Quixote, it is, never the less, a good name for your mean of transportaion.
    Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse of Odin (Norse Mythology); would probably be rather unique in US.
    Catch you later

  10. Colleen Rae says:

    I was thinking about ‘Haiku’ as a possible name as it certainly is one part of Al Levenson. Haiku is short and to the point. The word Haiku conjurs up poetic visions and has lots of double entendres content. Also I like Odyssey. You could call it ‘Odd’ for short. That kind of fits you too, in a good way.

  11. I also like Swag because of its piratical connotations. Odyssey is good.

    How about Trailblazer? Or Trailhound? Norma Loquendi maybe non-relevant to travel and RV’s, but there’s a whimsical quality to it (by now, you can guess, I’m grabbing names off my bookshelves).

  12. robbie dimond says:

    Al’s where again? Elsewhere Again……is so apt for you and your punishing humor.

  13. Linda B says:

    I named my first boat “Wanderlust.” The name was fitting. The boat, however, was a air-pumped raft that I floated in the Dallas apartment swimming pool while reading the Sunday paper.


  14. Madelen L says:

    It seems from your comments in the “Homage” blog that you have a real purpose on this journey, and that is to find people with stories worth a 15-minute listen. So, what about titles like:

    Story Catcher
    Story Finder
    Story Seeker
    Story Teller
    Tale Finder

    The name on your home might even prompt someone to come a’knocking with a story to share!

    May the stories and you find each other.

  15. Madelen L says:

    Okay, one more came to mind. What about
    Story Fisher(man)?

    And then when someone asks you about the name, you bring out your grin.

  16. Hedy Salter says:

    How about naming your bus Tamove, sort of like my van which had the license plate ITY FAIR.

  17. Evelyn Washington says:

    I had no idea you were a serial wanderer. I should of guessed by your profession of a yachtsman. I’m impressed.

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