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A member of the Mt Diablo Branch of the California Writers Club posted to the branch’s on line forum.

“I learned recently that one can add to your amazon book listing editorial reviews that were published elsewhere. In case I am not the last to learn about this, here are the steps:

1. Log in to Author Central at

2. Click the Books tab at the top of the page.

3. Click on the book to which you are adding Editorial Reviews.

4. Click the Edit or Add button next to the Review section.

5. Add text in the box; click Preview.

6. Make changes if necessary; click Save Changes.

“It may take 3-5 days for the review to appear on your listing. If any questions, call amazon. I am very pleased with amazon support. They are prompt, courteous and speak American English.

“Just keep in mind that you need permission from the owners of the review.  That could be either the review publisher or the author of the review, depending on what agreement the review author has made with the publisher.” 

4 Responses to Adding editorial reviews at

  1. Lew says:

    Gee, I thought it was going to be getting a ‘good report card’ from the Amazon warehouse of your choice!

    Oh well, busted again.

    Lew …

  2. Dave L says:

    Does anyone read those things – especially about books. Seems so easy to “stuff the box” with quid pro quo and nose make-up requests. It’s sort of like asking for votes on Facebook. I find it more reliable to trust a critique you know … or the author that previously appealed to you.

    • allevenson says:


      I agree and am also troubled by the box-stuffing aspect of piling on reviews.

      I have a small history of writing reviews of books written by friends. Try for thoughtful reviews that help a prospective reader and dont sound formulaic, if I like the book.

      Once, I was given a nonfiction book to review, which I found insubstantial. I declined to publish the review and, when the writer pressed me for the reason, I was candid. I received a defensive reply telling me that others disagreed.

      The day will come when I solicit pre-publcation blurbs for my book and reviews later from people I respect. I hope I am able to take my medicine when someone finds it less than worthy.


  3. Dave L says:

    Make that “critic you know”

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