A Year on the Road–Again

Today is liftoff for a new blog:  A Year on the Road Again. The old blog served me well, but was ready for enough tweaks that it deserved is own URL.

The first post, 5 Jan 2013, Looking Back on 2012, is published and you can click on the link and go directly there.

Since the blog has a new address, if you wish to subscribe to the new blog, you will need to hit the Subscribe button at the top of the right hand column. 

If you were on my Google or Yahoo announcement lists, you will continue to receive a notification from me along with some extra smardy-pants remark around my snarky time of the month. 

In spare moments I will review posts from the original blog and favorites will be candidates to emigrate to the new blog.

At this instant the visitor counter for the new blog reads zero.  I do wonder who will be first.

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