Thoughts on 9/11

9/11 bulldozed the course of history onto another track as no other event since the Big Bang. 

Everyone now knows how vulnerable he is.

Getting on an airplane will never be the same.

The event was a pretext for a war with a country that had no connection to the event.

It boosted the military industry.

It destroyed 3000 people on the spot and the lives of thousands and probably millions of others one step removed from the moment.

It elevated the primal need for revenge in a cowboy president who decided to bomb somebody. 

A small street gang of the worst people on earth brought out the worst in us.

It provided a small group of hysterical evangelists to promote the idea that a billion Muslims are bad people.

It provided a small group of hysterical Muslim clerics to promote the idea that a billion people who grew up in a culture of western religions are bad people.

It made Instant Dead Heroes of the first responders and the passengers and crew of flight 93.

I received a link to a video collage of group of heroes less well known:

Today I weep for the dead heroes and the wound in my heart for the loss of innocence for six billion of us.

4 Responses to Thoughts on 9/11

  1. Michael says:

    The last time I saw him he was grinning about having just filled his sleeping daughters New York hotel room with balloons for her birthday wake up. Days later he headed home on Flight 93.

    A few weeks later his home needed a new furnace and a friend sought bids from local furnace companies. One of the leading companies came to inspect the job and met with the friend telling him he would have their bid the next day.

    That evening the friend received a phone call from the furnace company representative asking if this furnace was for the wife of a man on Flight 93. My friend confirmed that it was.

    He was told the furnace would installed the next day at no charge.

  2. David L says:

    Yes, a horrible event, a stroke to the nation’s system of justice, acceptance, tradition, and in some cases our Bill of Rights. It brought some together as it drove a wedge through as many more, and as you point out, it had the effect of sending us into a pointless war. But in all of it, think of the shopping that got done as our president advised us to open our purse and enjoy the malls..

  3. Colleen Rae says:

    I think about and am so proud of the passengers on flight 93. They are truly American heros.

  4. April Edsberg says:

    Good Bless our troops who are fighting the extremists for us.

    My son fought in Kuwait and in Iraq.He is a Lt. Colonel now.
    It was very hard on his five-year-old son, when my son was gone for 16 months in Iraq..
    My son wore his captain’s (best friend’s) wrist band for two years when he returned to the U.S..


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