Louisiana, Nawlins

Nawlins is being kind to me–several days of weather reminiscent of spring.

Yesterday I walked the French Quarter and got a hint of why it is a little other-worldly pocket straight out of Star Trek. The peep shows and burlecues pay homage to the early history of the area. 

There are musicians and street bands on every corner, artists lining the square, and street people who are works of art themselves.

Here is a taste—more pix another time.

Today begins the Bayou Bash, a football rivalry between Grambling and Southern University–schools with a fierce athletic rivalry.

So many people come to town, cars are banned for the 70-block area of the French Quarter.

              *              *              *

I understand the RV travelers who prefer commercial campground.  For $30-40/day on average, these places offer security, utilities to hook into, and neighbor-for-a-day camaraderie.  I enjoy the freedom of my self-contained motorhome and have managed to avoid commercial overnights for 99 percent of the last 365 days.  Besides with diesel fuel at 3 miles to the dollar, I stretch the vagabond budget a lot farther when I park in National Forests, friends’ driveways, and strategic sites.

Big cities are rare on my route.  Generally, their nature and structure do not welcome the RV traveler. Property values work against the financial feasibility of such businesses, so urban campgrounds are rare.  

But in New Orleans I have discovered two campgrounds that offer something special.  

French Quarter RV (http://www.fqrv.com/) is a classy venue within walking distance to Bourbon Street, It has 60×30-foot cobblestone sites, some with gazebos and   hotel-quality amenities, including a pool and Jacuzzi with adjacent outdoor bar, and gas-barbeque grill, as well as a workout room, TV theater, and an electric security gate, WiFi, satelite TV.  The sites are available for sale, and several have sold in the $150,000 range.

The location and amenities justify its $79/night rate (higher for special events) for the stopover traveler.

The other is even more interesting–rooftop RV park located in the mid-city mixed commercial and residential area.   In the aftermath of Katrina an imaginative, entrepreneurial building owner did his part to solve the housing crunch.

The rental office has been closed through the holiday weekend, but I am told it is $20/night for a full hookup.  Sounds like a deal to me, and I expect to be at the door Monday morning.

7 Responses to Louisiana, Nawlins

  1. Colleen Rae says:

    Great shots Al. Nawlins is one of my favorite cities. I haven’t been since Katrina but before K. I have visited that city three or four times. I love to ride a boat up the Mississippi River. And visit the acquarium that is just by the docks. Three Sisters restaurant have the best Gumbo for miles around (in my opinion) and the best Hurricane (a deadly drink)can be found on Bourbon Street.

  2. Dave L says:

    Never been to Nawlins but always felt it would be well worth the writer’s time. Capote certainly felt that way, and I can see where you will benefit. So may characters so close to the earth.

  3. My eye zeroed in on that tiny object standing next to the bucket at top. Is it a pooch sprayed to match its master? I can’t staaaaaand it!

  4. Don’t miss Nelson Algren’s A Walk On The Wild Side and Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer. Also my
    friend Julia Reed has a new book, The House On First Street, about her struggles in post-Katrina
    New Orleans. Check it out. Also Dave Eggers wonderful book, Zeitoun…BB

  5. Pat Bean says:

    Winter finds me in my kid’s driveways most of the time. state parks get most of my paid overnight stays, but those have edged up from $12-15 when I first started RV-ing 7 years ago, to $20-22 these days (way higher in California). My solution has been to volunteer so I get a free campsite. Love your Nawlins’ photos. .

  6. karen wittgraf says:

    Nawlins is in my heart. I have only been there once, but would LOVE to be there again. I was amazed at the friendliness, the joy of the people there….and the music! You MUST have a beignet or three at Cafe Du Monde to get the real feel of “Let the good times roll” . Wish I was there right now with powdered sugar all over my face. I am anxious to see more pictures of , what I call, Heaven.

  7. Colleen Rae says:

    Yes, be sure to have a beignet at Cafe Du Monde and take some back to the RV. One can survive for days on beignets.

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