Louisiana.The New Orleans Levee

One glance at the headline in the November issue of The New Orleans Levee and I was hooked into the freely distributed, satiric newspaper that is the answer to The Onion whether or not you asked.

Page 2 is a full-page ad for subscriptions to The Levee.  “Still more absorbent than the competition” blares the headline above a half-page photo of a scrawny canine making do-do on a six-foot, neat rectangle the newspaper. 

Page 3 whips into the hard news. Over the byline of Damian Tatum , the Levee wholesale murder writer, is the article entitled, “Holiday-themed killings off to earliest starts.”

The page 5 feature story reports the mayor’s challenge to a convicted murderer and awaiting trial for another murder.  Let’s “settle all this once and for all for all” with a fistfight.

On page 6 the headline is “New Orleans still No. 1 for appearing on lists of rankings.”  The article includes several examples.  My personal favorite is,  “New Orleans Ranked No.1 in Twelve-Step Programs Where People Never Pass Step Three.“ Others might prefer my close-second choice,  “New Orleans Rated Hardest City in Which to Galvanize Tea Party Movement. “  The text reports the meetings always turned into Long Island Iced Tea Parties.

Page 9 reports “Occupy N.O. shifts to Visions” i.e. Visions Men’s Club.

Page 15 belongs to advice columnist, GoGo Geaux.

Buried near the back page is the mayor’s announcement of the new office of Donations and Kickforwards simplifying the bribes and kickbacks processes at City Hall.

Although The New Orleans Levee, “We don’t hold anything back” Is distributed free, you can get a subscription by mail by sending a check or money order for $30.00 for 12 BIG issues.  Payable to:  Levee Media LLC, P.O. Box 4099, New Orleans, LA. 70178

They are online at nolevee.com

5 Responses to Louisiana.The New Orleans Levee

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    Oh so typically Nawlins! I’ll check out the online issue. There is an attitude there like no other place and I like it. It allows us not to take life too seriously. Have fun, Al…and be sure to smile and get some beads.

  2. Colleen Rae says:

    Sounds hilarious! Thanks Al. I love New Orleans. Such great music, alcoholic drinks and food.

  3. Dave L says:

    So tasty it must be fattening.

  4. linda says:

    Amazon sells those masks!

  5. Alon Shalev says:

    I take students once a year to volunteer in a service-learning program. I think their humor is what has helped them survive and not stop believing that they can rebuild their community.

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