Blogs I Like

This is a list of blogs I have been reading through several dozen posting cycles and their appeal, charm, fascination hasn’t worn off.   Please feel free to mention your favorites if they have passed some sort of time test.  And if you have a blog you want to pimp, mention it as a comment.


Pat Bean’s blog. . (Daily apx 300 wds) Pat is in her 7th year on the road with her dog, Maggie, in their 22’ motorhome, Gypsy Lee.  Avid birders will enjoy her daily blog.


Left Coast Voices.  By Alon Shalev. .  (Daily apx 300 wds.) Alon writes novel about social change.  He blogs daily but briefly, usually tipping his hat to someone doing good work for social change.

A Curious Man.  By Thomas Burchfield. (1-2x/wk apx 1000 wds) Tom describes his blog as an eclectic collection of essays, reviews and other ephemera, mostly relating to writing, publishing, literature, film, humor, and travel.

Nathan Bransford. (Weekly 10-1000 wds) Nathan writes one of the best blogs about the publishing industry.

Normalarkey. By Norma Davis Kho. (3x/wk apx 800 words) Pondering the blessings and absurdities of every day life.

Word Trippers. Barbara McNichols’ weekly email (apx 200 wds. of meat plus some self-promo) about errors in word usage derived from their similarity of look or sound.  Do you know the difference between accept and except, lay and lie, further and farther, convince and persuade, notorious and famous? How about the one that makes me want to scrape my fingernails on a blackboard—using less when fewer is correct?

Word Trippers has also been published as a book.   Barbara is a writer an editor in Tucson.  I don’t see a link to subscribe to her weekly email but I’ll bet a note to , will get it done.


Reflections of a Wild Artist.  A daily delivery of a piece of original wildlife or emotionally evocative art and Rod McIver’s Journal, his thoughts as provoked by an artist or writer of note.

5 Responses to Blogs I Like

  1. Anne Fox says:

    A definite yes for Nathan Bransford. I, too, am passing the word around about him. He’s clear, succinct, and reliable. A great resource for writers.

  2. Hi Al- thanks so much for the link! Hope it keeps you laughing while you’re on the road…

  3. Al
    Thanks for mentioning my Word Trippers ebook – it’s currently on Kindle and will soon be a print book on Amazon. Details at – where you can sign up for Word Tripper of the Week. Here’s an example of a Word Tripper FYI:

    Rack, wrack – “Rack” is a framework with bars or shelves, also a medieval torture device; as a verb it means to strain or torment. “Wrack” refers to a wreck, damage, or destruction. “The stock market has been wracked by the recession as money managers rack their brains to make sense of it.”

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  5. tanya grove says:

    I love the idea of bloggers sharing their favorite blogs. I am a big fan of Nathan’s blog–it’s at the top of my list. I appreciate your tip to follow wordtrippers–it sounds like it’s right up my alley. In today’s world of self-promotion, I would be remiss if I didn’t suggest my own blog, right? I’m getting close to 100 posts. Give it a whirl:

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