From Cherokee, NC

Since Labor Day, my lazy roaming has felt more like Around the World in 80 Days.  

I had final visits with my Maine family.

Highballed across Mass and NY to the NE Trek Rally.

Back to Jersey—the land of my roots—to visit with chums from schoolyard days and cousins unvisited for decades.  The swath mown wide all the way to Front Royal, VA at the top of Skyline Drive, then down to the Blue Ridgeway Parkway for vistas even grander than any others of the last two years.

The pix above were taken at the same time from the same spot and differ only in the zoom magnification.

We southed with stops at Montecello, Appomattox, and a number of well-presented exhibits at visitor centers—most memorably, The Music Center and The Folk Art Center.  We stopped at dozens of scenic overlooks, bypassed a couple of hundred more, and were treated to a palette of foliage colors that painted a continuous masterpiece.

So the tour on steroids and the absence of Wi-Fi or cell service are my excuses for having written little.

But I have lot of pix and soon my traveling companion returns to California and I will get to sort myself out.

9 Responses to From Cherokee, NC

  1. Dave Bauer says:

    Thanks for the update, Al. Your photos are wonderfully composed, and they capture the pastel colors that are often found in fall foliage on cloudy days. Enjoy the misty and mysterious Great Smokey Mountains and the soft sun of autumn as you meander south and west.

  2. Colleen Rae says:

    I was wondering about you, Al. Had I known you had a companion I wouldn’t have worried. You seem to be living the life of paradise – having a companion now and then and always getting back to your alone time.
    We just returned from SF and the wine country. Had a lovely 10 days in my some of my favorite places and got to see my long-missed but not forgotten writing friends..
    Don’t know if I told you I had finished my fourth book, Love Like a River and sent it to an editor. It’s now returned and I’m deep into changes and corrections. Soon it will be ready for publication. This is my best book to date.
    I appreciate your photos. Very lovely. I’ve seen that country and it is marvelous.

  3. David L says:

    Good you have checked in; your fans were at worry. A companion yet … my-my, you will need to introduce (The pastor at Christ Lutheran I attended long ago, got married after a long single life at the pulpit. The congregation so upset with this change in their expectations that half left to form another church. Turns out, of course, Mrs. Pastor was a lovely women the remainder learned quickly to adore, and likely so, those who left, had they stuck around.) We seem, at least back then, to eschew sudden change and whether good or bad, long for the same. Though you, full of future, have also a lot under belt, hold a steady rudder with a course well established and we, your ardent followers, feel secure. Happy days, Al.

  4. Dave Bauer says:

    Incidentally, Chico’s own Ken Grossman , owner of Sierra Nevada Brewery, is opening a brewery facility and tap room in the small Smokey Mountain community of Mills River near Ashville, NC. The site was chosen to serve the East Coast because of the quality of the artesian water, the character of the community, and access to the Interstate Highway System. Pictures that I have seen of Mills River and the surrounds are very much consistent with your photos of this beautiful part of the country.

  5. Karen Goucher says:

    Interesting. I chose to assume your companion was your rig!

  6. Pat Bean says:

    Finally a post. I’ve been documenting my entire 5,000 mile zig-zag journey back to Texas, but my blog is way behid. It’ll be at least a week or more before it gets to the parkway. It is too bad that I was always a day or so behind you on it. Travel Safely.

  7. MaryAnne says:

    me too….I also assumed your companion was the JS……U been holding out on us?????

  8. MaryAnne says:

    BTW ,awesome photos of the Great Smokies…..gorgeous country there….do enjoy and thanx for sharing.

  9. Colleen Rae says:

    I didn’t for one minute think ‘your companion’ was just the Jolly Swag…

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