Arcosanti, Wind Bells (lots) Nude (1)

One of Paolo Soleri’s first commissions after his apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright was to design a ceramic factory in Italy.  When he returned to the U.S., he began to do ceramic crafts in earnest. 

In the early years of Arcosanti, a ceramic studio and foundry were included.  Today, resident artists produce wind bells of stoneware and bronze

The walls of the gift shop are a gallery of bells.  There are modest bells and bold bells.  Bells of bluish bronze and others burnished.   And a few bells, each unique designed by Soleri himself.

The smallest bells are $29.00. 

A 24-inch mermaid montage by Soleri is $5,500.00.

Soleri likes to do nudes of nubile young girls.  Here is the deal.  In one 80-minute session, Soleri will do three charcoal sketches.  One is given to the model, the other two are for sale only to friends and family of the model during the next 24 months.  If they are not purchased, they become the property of the gallery and may be sold to the public.  

5 Responses to Arcosanti, Wind Bells (lots) Nude (1)

  1. Colleen Rae says:

    What a marvelous artist! I am breathless at the beauty of his drawings and sculpture. You are fortunate to have a speaking acquaintance with this man. He still appreciates the body of a young woman. How perfect!

  2. karen wittgraf says:

    Beautiful. Now he should try the body of an old woman…not as a contrast, however. This man has an extremely wonderful gift called passion. Love those wind bells and wish I had one. What an experience for you!

  3. Linnea Tow says:

    Al-This site intrigued me since I love wind chimes. David’s, my husband, mother also loves wind chimes and I’d love to get her one for her birthday the 25 of June. Is there a way to purchase one? Linnea

  4. D Zeb says:

    My wife and I met Soleri seven years, ago. Following a heated discussion of feminine beauty and why we felt he should not limit the age of his models, he offered to sketch my wife who was sixty years old. He truly captured the beauty and sexuality of the female form. He enjoyed the session so much, he asked her to return the next day. Unfortunately, our scheduled did not permit this. We never told our friends or family and can only assume they are still for sale.
    As we left his studio, I reminded him again of my wife’s age and that he should not limit his studies to young woman. He looked at me and all he could say was, “You lie!”

    • allevenson says:

      Soleri seems to like the presence of femininity. When I asked to take his picture, he reached for the nearest young woman and pulled her close, then, with a cherubic look and adolescent grin, he stared into my lens.

      Thanks for your story, David.


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