Show Low, the story in pix

If a town be judged by its statuary, Show Low would rate high among small towns.

Sculpture at City Hall

Sculpture in library lobby.

Text reads,  “Tarzans world changes when he comes face to face with humans for the first time.”

3 Responses to Show Low, the story in pix

  1. Colleen Rae says:

    Wonderful story in pictures. The West is full of such stories, I suspect.

  2. M. Kaplan says:

    I’d like to understand what you found that made Alburquerque so lovely. We loved Santa Fe but didn’t care for Alburquerue. Incidentally, I haven’t had one second of problems with your EMails and enjoy your descriptive talents.

  3. Ed Kimmel says:

    Looks like the Jolly Swag itself there in the background of Pic 6!

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