5.3 Ship’s Log May 6, 2011

I am reporting in from where I am supposed to be:  snuggled into the parking lot at Arcosanti, the urban laboratory, the arcology, in Arizona.

 I am kicked back, 3800 feet higher and 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix’s 100 degree heat, doing what I am supposed to be doing:   pecking away at my keyboard until I catch up.

Since my last navigational fix at Montezuma’s Castle, I’ve been immersed doing the Year on the Road.  I encountered several places to write about and photograph:  the road to Jerome, Tuzigoot, Arcosanti, and Sedona’s statuary. 

I’ve met some interesting people: a cousin I don’t remember ever meeting and her partner, who provided me with hours of provocative conversation; and Paolo Soleri, the Big Bang of Arcosanti. 

I found events that rewarded beyond expectation:  a small writers’ group, a winning night at a strong bridge club; my first ever look-in on an AA meeting that stirred emotions I did not see coming; and a sit-in on Paolo’s Soleri’s weekly School of Thought.

That is a lot of catching up.

Soon back. 

7 Responses to 5.3 Ship’s Log May 6, 2011

  1. John Putnam says:

    Great post today, Al. I love the houses on the hill. Some almost blend into the background but the one on the left sticks out like a wart on the face of nature. And the plastic boy seems almost too real, like someone in sci-fi movie. Neat clothes too. Who done it Al? I’d like to know.
    John Putnam

    • allevenson says:

      The pix are teasers for future posts. I hope your found the additional pix of Arcosanti more interesting. A photo essay on Sedona statuary is in the pipeline.

  2. michael joyce says:

    Wonderfully toned bells, maybe a small one for your ship?

  3. Leslie Martin says:

    Al, YOU MET PAOLO SOLERI!? I first saw a model of his Arcosanti waaaaay back in the early (?) 60s in NYC/MOMA and was thoroughly intrigued. (I didn’t realize he was still alive.) And those glorious Soleri bells! I am most definitely enjoying vicarious kicks. We’ll miss you in Crawford on Monday. Bye, Leslie

  4. karen wittgraf says:

    Jane informed me that she had a wonderful time on her visit with you and I can see why. I’m anxious to know more about the School of Thought and Paolo Soleri. I’m waiting.

  5. Colleen Rae says:

    You got to meet Paolo Solero? Lucky you. How wonderful. I didn’t realize he was still alive, either.
    Did you get to Jerome? I spent a few weeks there many years ago. Found lots of single men there who wanted some companionship…! I love that little town. So many creative people. Did a painting workshop there as well.

  6. allevenson says:

    Soleri is slow of step, slow to speak, and has the face of an aging elf. How easy it would be to overlook this still-towering intellect.

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