Bonus Pix, Lake Roosevelt, April 17, 2011

Last Sunday there was no post to the blog because a weak internet connection prevented me from uploading a megabyte-glutton photo.  So today there will be two posts.  This one easy on the eyes and light on words.  Later today, “Choices”.

I am grateful for the discovery of Roosevelt Lake and sorry to be moving on for now.  Last night, nearly the full moon, provided a farewell photo op.  Two pix taken one minute apart and 180 degrees from each other.

8 Responses to Bonus Pix, Lake Roosevelt, April 17, 2011

  1. Colleen Rae says:

    absolutely gorgeous, Al!

  2. David Bauer says:

    Great photos, Al. You are motivating me to visit Roosevelt Lake on our trip through Arizona this coming summer, though summer is probably not the best time of year to visit I am sure.

    Do you by chance know after which Roosevelt the lake was named? Since I like both of the Roosevelt presidents and their politics, we’ll likely weather the heat to pay homage to them. At least the place is now on my list of possibilities.


    • allevenson says:

      It was Teddy. He regarded this as his most important achievement after the Panama Canal.

      I imagine summers are hot but it is also the high season. Campground stays limited to 14 days. It is a fishing and boating lake. The Cliff dwellings and interpretive programs make this a worthwhile for at least an overnight. I think we are at 3800 feet so the eves may be pleasant even in summer.


      • Chip says:

        A visionary leader, that Teddy! Am assuming he did not count the national parks among his most important achievement because he did not have as direct a role in creating them as he did the canal and the lake…

  3. karen wittgraf says:

    Leave it to Teddy to preserve this beauty. His spirit is still flying about, trying to help us out. I did the “sigh” you spoke of earlier on these photos…I want to be there.

  4. Gloria Reid says:

    Great Photos, Al. What a wonderful adventure you’re having!

  5. Christine Thomas says:

    AL-Wonderful pictures, thoughts, insights….I will be curious to see how people respond to your inquiries about their own personal journey throught this world…what motivates them, what creates their stage of the journey, what made them choose to be the person they are now, their politics and religion…(You may want to re-define religion as “spirituality’….which seems to go beyond man’s ritualistically-imposed interpretation of religion. I have heard it said that “Religion is for those who fear hell; Spirituality is for those who have been there”. ) Just a thought…

  6. Gene says:

    Great pictures. Send more.

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