Mini-update. August 28, 2012

A few friends have asked how I am doing since I’ve posted to the blog but once in the last month.

I have not been run over by a bus, nor has my creative muse eloped with another gypsy.  She sits in the corner and pouts over the inattention.  And I miss our time on the ballroom floor as much as she does.

The summer is flying by.  Almost a month in Maine’s Mid-coast, Acadia and Belfast.  Now in my third week in So. Freeport visiting sister Elaine.  I’ve signed on to help her refresh a recently vacated rental property.  We’ve completely repainted the inside of a 3-bedroom house and have several days of exterior work and interior detailing which we’ll finish this week.

This weekend I acquire a new neice when Mitch, Elaine’s youngest, gets married.

I did not get to Prince Edward Island nor even did I cross into Canada.  When I finally located my passport, I saw that it expired a year ago.  So Nova Scotia will wait until another time.  Maine is a place to spend the summer and I expect the Jolly Swag will find her way back there.

The Maine leg of the wandrins ends a week later when I head for the NE Trek rally in Verona, New York.  After that I will dwadle south hoping to visit Elle, Manny, Sharon, Bob (Woodruff and Marcus), Stan, Greg, Big AL, and Ed.  Then celebrate the second anniversay of my time on the road on the Blue Ridge Parkway in October during the foliage color season.

By November I intend to be in earnest to ponder the question of whether the last two years have been a transition to my next life or an  apprenticeship for several more years of life on the road.

No one is more baffled than I by the frequent changes in the odds of the outcome, nor more mesmerized by the slide show of possible scenarios. 

12 Responses to Mini-update. August 28, 2012

  1. Michael says:

    As we get older, life continues to offer meaningful adventures, and leaves us gypsy hearted grateful.

  2. Sheila Bali says:

    Hi Al, it is wonderful to read about your travels, your daily comings and goings. You’ve done so much in a year. Too bad you couldn’t make it to Canada. P.E.I is a beautul province. I’ve been there and the lobsters taste great. Hope to read more of your blogs- please post them on Facebook. I try to post one there weekly. God bless and travel safe. Adieu my friend.

  3. MaryAnne says:

    Goof for YOU, Al! go for it all. If your heart is happy and your Spirit is inspired and at peace jes follow yer dreams. I am certain your sis has wholly enjoyed and is eternally grateful for your presence and your help, not to mention your presence at the wedding.
    Glad to hear U are well and prospering with family.

  4. David L says:

    Good to hear from you again. Painting can be medicinal, unless of course you drink or inhale. I suppose most with a brush do both, but to the suds and a smoke, not to the paint. It can be a meditative experience. At least I find it so.

    Transition, aprenticeship, whichever – certainly been a boon to the lives of those reading.

  5. Betty St. John says:

    So happy to hear from you.

  6. bobmarcus says:

    great to hear from you….give my luv to all the cousins…and congrats to Mitch!!!!!!! looking forward to see you in the fall.

  7. Colleen Rae says:

    I was one of your many friends wondering what happened to you! Glad to know you were having fun with your family and that your gypsy muse is still with you, albeit sitting in the corner for now.
    I am down to rewriting the last 3 chapters on my novel – Love Like a River. Hope to have it ready in a few days to send to a prof. editor. This time I think I will try querying it to some small presses, rather than self-publish right away.
    Miss your writing, Al.

  8. Colleen Rae says:

    I’m wondering what road the next segment of your life will take. Seems like you took to living On The Road like a spoon to ice cream…

  9. Pat Bean says:

    I’ve missed your blogs, but am glad you’re fine.

  10. alan says:

    YOUR a great sailor Al! GO back to sailing!

  11. April Edsberg says:

    It sounds like you are having a good a good visit with your sister. It can be refreshing to work on a project for awhile rather than travel.
    I hope to hear more later.
    have fun.
    P.S. I just finished the first draft of my book,’Chasing the Sun.

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