01.Bits and Pieces

Posted November 11, 2010

A yellow jacket got into the Jolly Swag today. I killed him.  Not for what he did but for what he might to.  I don’t feel too good about that.

*                  *                  *

At an I-5 rest stop north of Seattle, I met some guys driving a car with Utah tags.  They asked to borrow a wire coat hanger.  It seems their dog, when left in the car, in its bounce-around excitement had stepped on the electric door lock and locked them out.

*                  *                  *

I miss my bicycle.  So far I have been driving, visiting with people, and staying in the Jolly Swag doing chores, tapping away on the laptop’s keyboard, and giving in to one of my worst addictions—snacking.  I don’t think any of that will change but the bike would allow me to fight off Imminent Flab and distract me from nibbling.  I left the bike in the Bay Area because I had not acquired the proper bike carrier (anyone have a bike carrier for 2/3 bikes designed to be mounted to a hitch with a 2” receiver?  I am also in the market for a cheap mountain bike for myself.

*                  *                  *

I understand the Barnes and Noble Nook and now the Amazon Kindle has a feature by which you can loan your eBooks.  A great step forward in making them friendly to this user.

*                  *                  *

Freedom is no clocks to reset.

There was a time when I had to deal with nine clocks every time daylight saving came and went.

How many clocks did you have to reset last week?

Earlier this year I had it down to five. In the bedroom there was a clock-radio, the kitchen sported clocks on the microwave and the stove, my fax and my car had their timepieces.

I did not realize how prophetic it was that I gave up wearing a wristwatch and owning a VCR.

Last week daylight saving time dumped me like a bored lover.  I did not know she was gone and don’t miss her. My cell phone and my laptop simply adjusted completely outside my awareness.

As Janis Joplin said:  “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

5 Responses to 01.Bits and Pieces

  1. Nice, AL! We have a couple clocks that reset themselves when DST comes and goes. You coming by the CWC on Third Sunday? Do you meet many travelers with cats?

    Thomas Burchfield

  2. I learned you left a cat at home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have its company when next you take off? Would be non-invasive company and your excuse for talking to yourself. S’true that a body can do with less and less and not miss it at all. THINGS are out of fashion and always have been with me. Look forward to seeing you.

  3. Gail Robinson says:

    You must get yourself a bike. I ride every day it isn’t storming. I can eat all I want when I’m riding regularly. I continued eat like regular rider when we had those 3 weeks of rain and was surprised at the extra pounds that crept up on me. Luckily it has been beautiful now for 3 weeks. The endurance came back easily and the bulge melted away quickly.
    If you want to see where my bike group goes check out Bay Area Easy Riders website. I am the only rider with a yellow helmet in the photos and videos.
    I enjoy your writing and bits and pieces of your travels.

  4. Bob Morgan says:

    So many folks and so much advice. I am so glad I live in AZ. We don’t change time. When we did the kids in Flagstaff @7K ft were put to bed, and woke up a half hour later, and wanted to get up. It was still light at 10PM. And unlike FL, we who live in the desert, don’t wear gloves in the winter, rather, in the summer, because otherwise you burn your hands on the steering wheel. Also once got locked out of my car by the dog as well. Fortunately had a window down about 10 inches: Moral: Be sure you’re at your son’s house when it happens, so the Grand Kids can crawl in. I had to take them to DQ after that.

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