Trek Art

From previous posts you know that I have belly-flopped into the pond of special affection that exists among owners of Safari Treks.  In one prior post I mused about why this community seems knitted together by such tight stitches.  I believe similar camaraderie exists among the Trekkies of the great TV series, owners of the first harvest of Ford Thunderbirds, Hobie Cats, Lionel Trains, and those who can’t remember the Sixties because they were there.

The manufacturer of Safaris seized upon another opportunity to distinguish his Trek model.  While most coach-builders seem to like wild psychedelic graphics, Safari Treks inspire the theme of Nature in the wild.  Hundreds of Treks were blessed with unique original art on their fifty-square-foot sterns.  The lineup of coaches at the Trek rally was a gallery of wildlife art.

Each graphic is signed by the artist, Dane, each an original, air brushed rendering of an animal native to Africa or the deep woods.  Often the artist invited the viewer to stop and study and find small critters hidden in the image.  Enjoy the 15 images that follow.

Detail of elephant art showing critters

6 Responses to Trek Art

  1. Colleen Rae says:

    I’ve passed RV’s with Safari Trek jungle animals on their vehicles; now I know why and who they are. Thanks, intrepid traveler…

    And yes, I can’t remember the ’60’s much as I was there, too.

  2. And what would you paint on the Jolly Swag? I visualize leaping dolphins.

  3. Dave L says:

    Reason alone to puchase the vehicle and speaks well of the maker. I see a museum of Safari Treks next to the Guggenheim.

  4. Vernon says:

    from Vernon D

    Keep moving, friend. Know that you are missed.

  5. Liz Carmer says:

    I recognize those tropical birds! They belong to our friend, Linda! We visited her there in that lot outside Quartszite. Fun times. We were in the blue 26.5′ Lazy Daze and hung out for a few days. Great pics, Al. Thanks. Liz & Alan

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