***Mini Update and Tandem Recumbent Bike

You don’t have to be a bicyclist to appreciate the photos below­––the first tandem recumbent bicycle I’ve ever seen.

Since you’ve not received a blog for over two weeks, this post is for those who might be worrying that I have sailed off the edge of the earth.

The last 30 days have been more full of events than my usual disciplined absence of commitment.  They have also put me down in the way of more blogworthy events and crossroads.  You could say I’ve been living the blog without making time to write about it.

So, here is the report from the police blotter.

The Trek Rally in Seffner, FL.

A couple of days in Lakeland watching the black swans.

Over 200 miles pedaling on three wonderful bicycle trails supported by Rails-to-Trails.  The urban Pinellas Trail between St. Petersburg and Tarpon Springs.  Florida’s most natural trail through the ghost town of Green Pond.  And the Withlacoochie Trail, which runs through Floral City, the nation’s newest artists’ town.

At a stop long enough for my mail to chase me down, the mail pickup lasted a week at the home of a couple of generous Trekkers, who took me in and let me wander The Villages, a retirement community on steroids.

My blog fodder silo is brimming.

Today the Jolly Swag is winding up several days in Ocala National Forest, 600 square miles of my favorite hideout of my Florida Decade.  This week included several lazy days hiking overgrown trails, a solitary bench overlooking a fish-jumping pond, and a bike ride around Lake Kerr.  Yesterday, involved a fruitless several-hour scour of a grid of forest trails where the Rainbow Gathering is supposed to be–another effort tomorrow.

Soon the forest will be behind me in favor of Mount Dora, just ten miles south.

The Atlantic Ocean is still to the east.

With another six to ten weeks are planned in Florida, pray they don’t fly by like the last ten, since leaving Alabama in the rearview.

A friend from my Florida years offered a parking spot at his fish camp in the Keys—something worth cashing in on, eh?   I’ll look in on friends in the southeast corner of the state, before they have time to flee, as well as people missed in my last pass through the Tampa Bay area, and an unsatisfied curiosity about the Venice-Sarasota area. 

And now, a nap.


Feb 18, 2012

Salt Springs, FL

7 Responses to ***Mini Update and Tandem Recumbent Bike

  1. Sandra says:

    After two weeks, we’re glad you’re still going strong, and plan to continue on. In the news we’ve heard some bad weather reports for northern Florida, so take the necessary precautions. Also with the slightly improved economy I’m sure you know gas prices are climbing again, but none so high as where you started. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep us posted on your journey.

  2. MaryAnne says:

    wonderful Al, I think some of us were beginning to be concerned about your welfare.
    The bike is perfect for us seniors who travel in pairs and it looks kinda comfy too. Can’t wait to read the coming blogs of the last month. Your talents are appreciated as is your sharing.
    Have a well deserved nap.

  3. Colleen Rae says:

    Great photos of tandem recumbments. First I’ve ever seen. I was getting worried about your welfare. Thanks for checking in.
    On your way to the Keys check out my friend P.

  4. I wondered where you’d gone. Glad you’re well!

  5. David Bauer says:

    Thanks for the update, Al. We too were beginning to be concerned about your welfare. Good for us to see that you continue your odyssey.

    I have seriously considered moving from my road and mountain bikes to a recumbent tricycle, not a tandem. Unless you ride on wider trails that have a relatively smooth surface, however, the recumbent trikes have serious limitations on possible uses.


  6. karen wittgraf says:

    Relief to get this blog- I, too, have been wondering about you and now I no longer need to worry. Florida is wonderful- especially the Keys and I envy you. We could possibly be in Naples at the end of March (if the economy lets us). Awaiting your new experiences, Karen

  7. Pat Bean says:

    Glad you’re back. Don’t stay away so long next time.

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