6.9 Question #3: National Politics

Some have responded to the this question already since I posted it at the end of one of the essays on religion.  Here is another shot.

What is the biggest change in national politics in your lifetime?

I expect most answers will be created and viewed through partisan lenses.  Most of the responses I have collected from the road lean way left or right, as if in a windstorm.

I had my own one word answer in mind when I conceived this question.

In terms of the breadth and quality of responses, this has been the most instructive question I’ve asked.

I remind you that when asking the question on the road, I give no clue to my personal political POV. 

I have a companion question.  What is the difference between Republicans and Democrats?

The answers I get to this one are clear indicators of the respondents’ political persuasion.  If you prefer to answer this, you may write me privately at aL94502@Gmail.com Please note this is different from my regular email address. 

16 Responses to 6.9 Question #3: National Politics

  1. karen wittgraf says:

    I believe that the biggest change in politics is that corporations are now in power and can buy and sell anyone or any idea. Lobbyists flock like geese in DC and overtake even those with ideals of integrity. They peck away at them and kill their spirit.
    Second question: Difference between Democrats and Republicans- the Dems are the givers and the GOP are the takers. Very simple.

    • russ lightfoot says:

      I disagree with Karen’s statement on democrats and republicans. As history tells us, they go with the flow of society, not really for our citizens own need. Their own agenda’s. Both Democrats and republicans now are followers, blind leading the blind with no direction, no leaders, only followers. Why nothing gets done, no one stands up and takes control. Why our congress is the worst in history. Congress and our president are no longer in charge, the corporations and big money is in charge now. We as citizens need to take charge, vote for only leaders, not followers in our next elections, who have proven they can go against the flow of followers and guide our country back to domination in the world and be the role model for all countries to follow. Quit giving money to countries, build back our economy, stop going overseas with companies, give money to small businesses, not corporations, enforce laws, put our military active, reserve, guard on our borders to protect our border, no need to waste money on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s. use this to train our troops, have rotations on our border. We need to take our country back! (from a three time Iraq veteran)

  2. michael says:

    I know well informed and ill informed of both parties. Maybe the one blanket statement I could make is there are fewer of each among out friends, and more “independents.”

  3. Dave L says:

    Fewer “dirty tricks” today than during Nixon’s reign. Less (apparent) competence among candidates – including the incumbent. Poorer commentary then ever before, that is the drivel that passes as news and punditry. Personal sex more prevalent in campaign finger-pointing. Religion perceived as a more important element, though I doubt this actually carries much weight in the booth.

    As to the difference: the party in power takes the high ground while the one seeking it detonates the bombs – historically been the case (few exceptions) – so, I don’t think there is a big difference outside of the traditional conservative v liberal platforms that have been around since their origins.

  4. Bill Wright says:

    In the simplest terms. In my life time it has turned from a choice of semi-service to a full time career of entitlement!

    I like Ike.

    Or is it that I’ve grown up and become an old jaded taxpayer?

    Republicans are Elephants and Democrats are Donkeys. Says it all!

  5. D and A says:

    How did Politics become a Blogging point AL. It is Christmas for God’s sake. Get back to seeking the Utopia we all know is out there if we only had the time and money to go find it. To me the trail you are on and the sights you find are like fine wine and because we get to enjoy it over our morning coffee sometimes 2 or 3 times a week I have become addicted. I want MY FIX !!!!!!

  6. Penny Braden says:

    Years ago (& frankly I can’t remember when it changed), national elections used to be a choice of the BEST to earn our votes; now it seems to be a matter of choosing the LEAST WORST!

  7. Colleen Rae says:

    I feel exactly as karen w. does about this subject; she said it all. Further, politics has become a dirty game, one that does not entice or intrigue me anymore. I am so unhappy and disenchanted with ALL politicians that I can barely listen to them spew their lies, deceit and shallowness.
    What has changed? Everything good an decent about politics. I used to be excited about following the primaries, now I am sick to death of the candidates and their BS. And the differences between the two parties seem unimportant as they both flaunt their worst character flaws.
    Now can we get back to the spiritual and deeply moving subjects that you have been writing about for over a year?

  8. David Pierce says:

    Creation and Control by the Press.

  9. linda says:

    Politics are the same today as they were when our country was being hammered out in Williamsburg, Philadelphia and Boston. The difference is us. We have grown up to see the fickle frayed threads of power challenging lofty ideals blowing in circles. There is nothing new, we are just seeing it finally. Ditto on GOP & DFL.

  10. We now live in a Corporatocracy where money and the influence it buys rules. Also we have
    become a quasi-Theocracy in which it’s impossible to get into office if you’re not conspicuously religious. And you must also be a super-patriot, alway appearing in front of dozens of American flags. I live in Europe where one seldom sees flags. I don’t miss them…BB

  11. MaryAnne says:

    I have to say that almost all of the previous responses echo my own feelings. So well said by all of the contributers. For the past few elections I have said it’s a choice of the lesser of two evils when we go to the polls. How can we possibly have any respect or desire for leadership for the ego centered, greedy, offensive/defensive, easy to be bought by lobbyists, power addicted, folks that squander good tax money (from the people) on perfuming THEIR lives? Bill W. puts it so well.
    I suspect if Kate Smith were still physically with us she’d be singing: God, PLEASE, Bless America.
    That said, may we all be in the NOW and enjoy peace filled Holidays of all ethnicities and beliefs.

  12. Peter Bruso says:

    I was taught long ago that if you paid money to a politician to get him or her to vote a certain way, that was bribery. Today, that has lost all meaning. The greatest two changes I’ve seen in my lifetime are (1) the complete corruption of the system by money and (2) the growth of so-called “conservatism” which seems to have destroyed the notion of “the common good” and exalted wealth and avarice over service. When Reagan was first elected in 1980, I saw, as a silver lining, that his term would once and for all upset the conservative apple cart and bring people to their senses I’m still waiting. A lot of people in this country are afraid of change and see it coming as our demographics alter the landscape. At some point this will no longer be a predominantly white, homogeneous society and they are frightened of that . The attitude is most prevalent in the Old South and rural areas. As Obama said during his campaign, and much to his own consternation, when threatened, some folks will cling to their guns and Bibles. The powerful monied interests have recognized this and taken advantage of it, convincing a lot of folks to support that which is not in their own best interests. Dogmatic in-your-face religious types (i.e. – the Pat Robertson’s of the world, militant Islamic terrorists and right wing Israeli political nuts), have spread their manure to promote the growth of ignorance and hatred around the world. It’s no wonder the governmental apparatus in Washington is dysfunctional.

    Peter Bruso

  13. karen wittgraf says:

    It’s really late to comment here (after the election, actually) but- you’re right on, Peter. I was terrified of the Reagan years, however- just never trusted the movie star- but he is the Republican icon..doesn’t say much. OK- done- won’t go into this again.

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