6.4 Labyrinth, post script

On the porch of the Boarding House in Madrid, someone mentioned the blog about the Labyrinth at the Westminster.  (https://allevenson.wordpress.com/the-journal/6-3-labyrinth-at-westminster-retreat/) My friend, IAO said there is a personal labyrinth/maze at the Lotus Yoga center in Madrid.  He took me to have a look.

Designed in the shape of a wheel with spokes, it has several entry/exit points.   Formed of local rocks and detailed with local grasses, it is quite the peaceful place to be.  IAO stepped into the space and into his own Inner Space.

IAO’s three-vowel name is short for an ancient seven-vowel name, which can be intoned, like OM, the first syllable of the six syllable Hindu incantation.

1 Response to 6.4 Labyrinth, post script

  1. MaryAnne says:

    Thanks, Al….this is so personal and special.
    Definitely…..off the beaten path

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