1.7 Bits and Pieces


July 19th was the Jolly Swag’s first birthday.  We celebrated in the town where the notion of a Year on the Road was conceived—Alameda. California. 

I was open to any possibility.  I promised myself I’d stick it out for at least three months even if I got bored, missed my friends, and Bay Area routines.  I also thought it possible that the full-time life might embrace me like a mother’s hug.  And a backward glance tells me everything is better than I could have imagined.   I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. 

JS and I have logged over 11,000 miles.  We’ve spent our nights in National Forests and other public lands, in driveways, and Walmarts, as well as a few truck stops and interstate rest stops, plus one night in a commercial campground and one night in a state-run developed campground.

We’ve learned to be parsimonious about our on-board resources for a self-contained month.  In frugal mode we can stock up on food, stretch our water and collect our wastewater for a month. And keep stuffing the laundry bag.

We’ve looked up friends of long-standing and encountered new people: the hitchhikers, the mountain man, the trainman, Mark, Andy, the inmates of Madrid.

We’ve stumbled upon Jake’s Corner, Tortilla Flat, Madrid, and Arcosanti.  We’ve camped at Lake Roosevelt and on the Mogollon Rim.

We’ve found writers’ clubs and bridge clubs. 

August 10th was the anniversary of the first blog post.  We’ve posted over a hundred blogs since and they have elicited over a thousand comments.

We’ve visited only five states.  Only forty-five left to go.

The next milestone is Oct 4th, the one year anniversary of moving aboard.  And the beginning of Another Year on the Road.

12 Responses to 1.7 Bits and Pieces

  1. Histscape says:

    Having travelled 10K last year in my View I salute you. Beat me by 1K and I did 3 times as many States. I loved your writeups and look forward to assisting you on your ideas for the NorthWest. Is that still in your plans?. Angel and I are travelling to BC in October for 3 weeks. Check this family out. I met them on my first big journey in 2008 http://grandirmonde.pagesperso-orange.fr/accueil_framesENG.htm

    • allevenson says:


      Thanks for the note and the link to the family’s round the world RV trip.

      I have decided not to go north at this time. I will soon head for Sac and Tahoe then back to the SW for a month before heading east.


  2. Shelley Wagner says:

    I really like your beard. It’s good to know you’re going out again in October!
    Shelley Wagner

  3. David Bauer says:

    Hi Al,
    As we said it in the 60’s, “Keep on truckin.” I am looking forward to another year on the road with you.

  4. Alan stowell says:

    To Al Levinson THE YACHT BROKER…MY yacht broker!
    Al…… I just cannot picture you driving around the USA going from Walmart parking lot to Walmart parking lot!
    IS this the same AL LEVINSON that sold 50 P-26’s? And taught them ALL how to sail?
    The one ton racing sailor?
    WE all get old Al…….I just accepted a position teaching english in Mexico!
    Because of you!

  5. Dave L says:

    I have only envy. Yes the beard and the hat but much more: the freedom, lack of entanglements, and the whiners you don’t have to put up with in getting what you want done (I’m projecting a little, is that permissable?) You are making a good thing of the rest of your life, don’t know what went before but this is quite glorious and it’s a thrill just to be along for the ride – if only vicariously.

    We need to have that beer before you lite out. I’ll call if I still have a number. Some things loosen up while others are tightening but this is important and we must carve out time. You can tell me the steps.

  6. jordan says:

    congratulations..glad to be a small part of the road..sedona is beautiful and healthy and peaceful

  7. Colleen Rae says:

    Congratulations, Al. You have made a wonderful contribution to your friends lives with your contining adventures. It doesn’t seem like a year that you’ve been on the road. Does it to you? Looking forward to your blog on Andy when you get around to it, and more terrific character sketches of people you meet along the way.
    I like the beard and the hat too, but then I like you – any old way.

  8. Barbara Renshaw says:

    Hey Al,

    Congratulations for reaching a short -term goal within a long-term one.

    Are you going to post hour previous email updates on this blog? It would be nice to see it all together.

    Have fun,

    Barbara Renshaw

  9. karen wittgraf says:

    Your blog has become a routine for me and I miss it when you are “taking a break”. I’m looking forward to more adventures and descriptions of people, places and things! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Karen Goucher says:

    Hi Al,
    Wonderful milestones! Keep wondering what else is out there for you
    to discover about yourself and others along the way. Nothing like experience
    and assimilation to make one more whole. We are entangled in Vancouver
    right now and looking forward to peaceful Florence in the new year. Life
    is good. Happy Anniversary Al.

    I had been busy so put your writings to one side for awhile. Really enjoyed
    reading many recently….they have a flow you know. Keep being the fine you
    that you have become. Like fine wine….aging delicately and steadily.

  11. john bocks says:

    All, you’re doing a wonderful thing by sharing your travels. My dad never left home after retiring for health reasons. And my grandfather died shortly after retiring and starting to rv travel across the country. Cancer. I’ve committed myself to enjoy a long and happy retirement. So I’ve retired early but at this point I’m staying home finishing up my house construction.


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