04 Bits and Pieces

Merry Boxing Day

ATTENTION WEST COAST RVers.  There is a rare, convenient, FREE, dump station at the Travel America Center at the Buttonwillow truck stop at I-5 exit 257.

GOOD NEWS FOR WRITERS.  Today is supposed to be a landmark book sales day, that is, sales of eBooks.  All those new Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and Sony Readers, that were gifted yesterday are waiting to be filled up with internet downloadables, many of them priced in the $3.00 range.  The author royalty on a $3.00 book is higher than on a $20.00 traditional book (now designated DTBs (Dead Tree Books).  For all the havoc technology has wreaked in one area of the publishing industry, it has added still another enhancement to our lives and created opportunities within the industry.

“Good ideas are like dreams. If you don’t write them down at once, they slip away and cannot be found again.”  A blogger saw this on Twitter.  Although he failed to attribute it to the author, I liked it well enough to pass it on.

According to GalleyCal.com, Michael Cooper, better known as the poor sap Elizabeth “Eat, Pray, Love” Gilbert walked out on .  Cooper’s wrote a book about focusing on his humanitarian work as recovery therapy from being blindsided by Gilbert.  The book was canceled by his publisher because it wasn’t racy enough.  How many lessons are in that report.

My friend, PATTY MORAN tells me the average life expectancy for people born in the US in 1940 was 63 years.  My own lookup reveals it was less than 61 for men and over 68 for women.  Whether you are male, female or one of the other genders, if you were born in 1940 you were supposed to have cashed in you chips by now.  If you are reading this, you are probably someone who hit the Bonus Years Lottery.  I hope you are using them.

There are 364 shopping days left until Christmas.  If you are having trouble deciding what to get me, I am on the gift registry of every diesel pump and truck stop in the country.  One $125.00-fillup is good for about 450, flat, gentle, highway miles.  I drive so slowly that I can’t recall ever passing anyone.

Why isn’t there a local ordinance for car alarms that go on all night long?

The only universally recognized independent nation not a member of the United Nations is Vatican City.

Has anyone been to the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival in Fruita Colorado?  My, friend, JANA LOPEZ, tells me since 1999, the 2-day festival in the 3rd week in May includes a golf tournament and pancake breakfast.

Too early to start drinking but need a zap? Or a couple of minutes of light therapy but your shrink doesn’t take your calls any more?  Or do you simply miss Art Linkletter?  There is a website for you.  Check out, My Kid is Gifted at http://www.mkig.com

11 Responses to 04 Bits and Pieces

  1. alan stowell says:

    Hiya Al!
    Any Cheapo Pearson Tritons around out there? lol
    Well I am 70.6 as of early AM. And you?
    Traveling around Mexico with my newly found Mexican daughter! She is 46. Knew her mom briefly in Mexicity back in my torero days! She and her husband, kids, (Brenda 29 and married, son Alan (29)) invited me down and we have been unseperable since they “found” me on an old torero webcite, contacted the owner to see if he knew me..and he did!
    So now the plans change: Sell the Countess, the condo, and buy an adobe hut somewhere in Mejico!
    Can your land yacht make it past it past the border terror?
    Thanks for staying in touch VIEJO amigo! ( and the BEST yacht broker I ever knew!)
    Fleas Navidog and HAPPY New Year!

    • allevenson says:

      A few people have commented about the interesting characters I have run into since I hit the road. When they read your post, they’ll realize I’ve been meeting interesting characters all my life.

      I am a trifle apprehensive about striking out into the wild of Mexico at this point although Dennis Casagrande, who made several lengthy forays into the pais, has offered to mentor me. Truthfully this next year feels full with some people and areas I’d like to get to. But late 2011 will prob find me back in the Southwest for the winter and I will look southward Angel then.

      I have yet to spend much time in Mexico and I suspect it is worth a year of my life. When you’re looking at adobes, see if there is a nice duplex.

  2. I am typing this with one hand while the other is being warmed by Tango, one of my pussycats. Sun is out today and like, probably, a million other cafard-infected inmates, I can’t wait to go outside and walk, face held up to sun, half-blind like a mouse. Gee, a moving house gets 450 miles to the gallon! If that Mike the Headless Chicken festival were around here, I would go.

  3. Dave L says:

    Ah, dreams … how efficient they are. One can do days in seconds and all but a few are better than reality. And who needs to remember? Many repeat and if not, the new are easily as enjoyable. I see a time when unconsciousness will become favored. Slip in a tube so my neurons remain active and put a sign on the door – “Do not disturb, unfettered pleasure occuring.”

  4. Claudia Sims says:

    Really enjoying your blog. Appreciate your sharing both your experiences and the interesting people you continue to meet. We go to a little ‘dive’ restaurant outside of Sonoma that has a morning men’s breakfast group. I cannot wait to tell the owner what ROMEO’s are. His group will love it.

    Hope to see you in 2011. BTW, the nasty round continues – I’m the only original left.


    • allevenson says:

      Glad it is fun for you. The blog and the comments and suggestions I get are as much fun as the trip itself.

      It also seems to be a hub for people to hear about or from others who have lost touch with people from transitory communities of a decade or two ago. Like our bridge group, a few old caribbean sailors, cycling buddies, a more recent kibbutz of writers, and this brand new gravity among motorhome cruisers.

      Who knew about this set of doors and vistas that would appear?

  5. linda enis says:

    Hi Al,
    Enjoying your blog.
    Did get a Kindle for Christmas so would appreciate recommendations since you probably are in the know. Didn’t know I could download a book for $3.00. How do you find them? I’ve only done best sellers so far, at $10 to $13 each.
    Having trouble giving up “real” books, I tend to switch back and forth.
    Not sure I can continue working until 70 which was my plan, just 2 more years. The older I get the less I can tolerate bull**** in the workplace, which is a very political place, which I find very sad when we’re in the business of caring for people. Thinking fondly of retiring outside of Reno, up in the mountains, but if it’s too expensive, I may consider the RV option.
    Happy New Year to you. Linda Enis

    • Hi Linda,

      E-book prices: It is all about going beyond the “bestselling authors.” Many struggling authors have their books for less than $5. When my last novel first listed as an e-book it was $9.99 ($10 to the rest of us) and never sold. Since it came down to $3.99 people seem far more willing to take a chance.

      I love my Kindle, but won’t buy an e-book for more than $7. With no trees, storage, transportation or shop costs, I think anything more is just being greedy.

      Enjoy your new toy!

  6. Colleen Rae says:

    Al – Nice to hear from you via your blog. Good thing you didn’t drive to New Jersey to be with family this Xmas. 29 inches of snow!
    Regarding Patty’s facts about life expentancy – I was born in 1935 so I must be living on borrowed time! I just had a birthday and I don’t feel a day over 50…I firmly believe that if you are engrossed in a hobby, vocation, obsession or any similar endeavor – one does not grow old quickly.

  7. Barbara renshaw says:

    Hi Al,

    We are in Clearlake reading your blog on our iphones. It is great fun!

    Did you see David Pogue’s article in the New York Times about the years best aps? It is still there today. Some are really amazing.

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